A brand new digital hub for Vitesy

A brand new digital hub for Vitesy

A brand new digital hub for Vitesy

Project overview

Vitesy is an italian company that works in the IoT indutry, they produce smart and sustainable air purifiers for indoor pollution.

At Vitesy I had the opportunity to work on different design projects, from rethinking the brand identity and positioning to designing the experience of the new app, Vitesy Hub. The design of the experience of Vitesy Hub is crucial for the journey of Vitesy users, in order to receive and understand usefull data to set up the products accordingly. Thanks to the interaction between the sensors of the product and the features of the app users can monitor and improve the surrounding air to contrast indoor pollution.

Designed at:




A new font family for the Vitesy ecosystem


Custom icon set and spot illustrations

vitesy-hub-components overview

Main features

With Vitesy Hub users will be able to manage theri air purifiers and monitor the air wherever they are. Thanks to high-quality sensors they can measure temperature, humidity, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other data according to the device they have.

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Personalize the experience
With Vitesy Hub, users can choose from 5 different modes:
Auto, Performance, Silence and Custom


Control more devices
Users can connect and control as many devices as they want and monitor their air quality in different places

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Real time data
Users will be able to check the total air quality day by day and also exploit every single sensor to get more specific data


© 2021 Marco Miccichè - All rights reserved

© 2021 - Marco Miccichè
All rights reserved